Autism Speaks Looking at Mitochondrial Dysfunction as Cause

13 Mar

I’m very happy to report that Autism Speaks is starting to seriously consider mitochondrial dysfunction and its relationship to autism. While the Hannah Poling case initially got everyone jumping up and down about the connection between vaccines and autism, once again, the more important thing that should have come from that case is that Hannah Poling had a diagnosis of mitochondrial dysfunction. The fever that Hannah experienced as a result of the vaccinations, rather than the vaccinations themselves, may really be the “catalyst” that caused her autistic regression .. chew on that…

On the Autism Speaks blog, a recent article was posted that I feel would be very beneficial to the mito community and the autism community to read. It looks at the relationship between fever and mitochondrial disease as a cause for autism and autistic regression. Clearly, this is a link that needs further study and serious research.

Now, even if your child does not have autism, ANY research into mitochondrial dysfunction and disease is a WIN for the mito community! It can only help us with awareness and helping to understand this complex disease and how to treat and ultimately cure it! I applaud the autism community and Autism Speaks for their groundbreaking look at mito as a possible cause for at least some forms of autism.

Post your opinion on this in the comment section – especially how important you think it is for the mito community to partner with some of the large organizations such as Alzheimers, Parkinsons and Autism, in fundraising and research to spur mutually beneficial answers to our intertwined problems!

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