Taking the Blog to a New Level

27 Jan

When I first started this blog, the idea was to put cutting edge information on mitochondrial disease on the site – so that it would be a place that would have all the information on mitochondrial disease in one place.

As I have worked on the blog and thought more about it, while I am still going to post information on new research, articles, and all information related to mitochondrial disease, I am also going to focus on my personal experiences with my daughter’s mitochondrial disease. I will be posting articles on medical and therapy tips, dealing with IEPs, day-to-day issues with a special needs child or a medically fragile child, and just dealing as a parent with the demands and stresses that having a child with mitochondrial disease puts on you and your relationships.

I’m hoping that by expanding the scope of this blog, I will post things that are of interest and help to more people and families dealing with mitochondrial disease, or even just special needs children or with rare diseases.

I look forward to hearing from you! Leave a comment and let me know if there are certain things you would like to hear about, things that you like that I am writing, and whether I need to focus on something specific!

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