Autism and Mitochondrial Disease Link?

27 Jan

In a recent study, researchers found more evidence to possibly connect autism and mitochondrial disease. The article, Fever Plus Mitochondrial Disease Could Be Risk Factors for Autistic Regression, is not yet fully published, but the abstract indicates a possible link. Their study was based upon twenty-eight (28) patients who fit both the criteria for autism and had confirmed mitochondrial dysfunction. Over 70% of the study group regressed after a high fever – not necessarily after vaccinations. However, it appears that the study recommends that fever management is paramount after vaccinations in order to help reduce regression risk in this population.

Unfortunately, most children with mitochondrial disease are not diagnosed until well after they have already been vaccinated. Extrapolating from the abstract alone, aggressive fever management in all children receiving vaccinations would be the best course of action.

Once the full article is published, I will do an update on it with more information.

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